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Our uniqueness

„Natura Termo SPA“ is distinguished by the use of extremely high mineralization curative mineral geothermal water from healing depths of 2 kilometers for healing and wellness procedures. The healing effects of this water on health and beauty have been proven by many Lithuanian and foreign scientists and doctors.

Mineral Sea
10 thousand years old therapeutic mud, 40M years old geothermal water, 50M years old Baltic amber

Special offers

Don’t miss your chance, special offers are valid for a limited time, and you can use the service for a whole year from the date of purchase!

Gydomoji vertikalioji vonia

Exclusive offer - now is the best time to take care of yourself

Take care of your health without waiting for anything! Taking into account the client’s wishes, we have prepared an exclusive offer for you, which consists of a doctor’s consultation, a therapeutic vertical bath and the “Mineral Sea” procedure.

Health care programs

We offer you a choice of more than 50 treatments to improve your health, including various health care and health improvement programs, curative as well as relaxing treatments to promote health and boost immunity.


These programs are made by applying discount prices to the services, so they cannot be summed with other “Atostogų parkas” and “Natura Termo SPA” discount offers.

Rehabilitation program in patients recovering from respiratory tract infections

The programme is recommended for persons with upper respiratory tract disorders. Individually selected treatment procedures will help your body restore damaged functions faster and return to the normal rhythm of life.

  • 2 nights at “Atostogų parkas” hotel;
  • Full catering;
  • Unlimited visits to the Water and sauna area;
  • Up to 12 treatments.

„Healthy back“

3 day health care program „Healthy back“ is recommended for those wishing to reduce back pain in spinal hernias and movement disorders.

  • At least 2 nights at the hotel;
  • Full board;
  • Unlimited visits to the Water and sauna area;
  • At least 13 curative treatments.
Healthy joints

„Healthy joints“

3 day health improvement program “Healthy joints” – for those who feel joint pains and aches, and those, who have weak and sensitive joints or joints damaged by trauma.

  • At least 2 nights at the “Atostogu parkas” hotel;
  • Full board catering prepared according to the Wellness menu;
  • At least 13 curative treatments.

Health care day programs

We invite you to choose from a selection of Health care day programs

Health care day program “Strengthen Your Back”

Back pain is one of the most common complaints in adults. In just one day of this program, you will receive professional medical advice and a series of effective treatments that will help to relieve or significantly reduce back pain.

Health care day program “Take Care of Your Joints”

Joint ache, pain or diseases are increasingly common in younger individuals and rarely resolve spontaneously. Get professional physician’s advice and effective treatments for joint pain and feel relief in just one day.

Health care day program “Strengthen Your Immunity”

When the immune system is strong, colds are easier to resist. If you wish to strengthen your immune system or recover after recurrent respiratory disease, we suggest you try our special day program “Strengthen Your immunity”.

Health care day program “Glowing Skin”

Healthy skin is the most beautiful jewellery that is hard to get if you suffer from different skin ailments. During the Day program “Glowing Skin” you will receive a professional dermatologist’s consultation and natural treatments that restore skin health and alleviate the symptoms of various skin disorders: the therapeutic bath “Youth”, full-body wrap with therapeutic mud sapropel, as well as the therapeutic Bioptron light therapy.

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