Additional services and what You can do

Medical SPA centre „Natura Termo SPA“ providing health care treatments, established in the health and recreation complex „Atostogu parkas“, which is located just 4 kilometres from the Baltic sea and 30 km from the Lithuanian port city of Klaipeda. In free time from health care, therapeutic and beauty treatments, guests here enjoy a variety of health improvement services, actively and neatly spends time.

Relax in 16 indoor and outdoor pools

Sports, massage, training, children’s, Kneipp track, pool with certified mineral geothermal water and cooling pools after the sauna are just a few of 16 different pools.

Water exercise

Very effective and safe for joints therapeutic water exercise is carried out by specialists 4 times a day. Therapeutic exercises are free for all visitors of the Pools and saunas area.

Žemaitiška pirtis, pirties paslaugos, Natura Termo SPA

Unique Samogitian sauna programme

„Atostogu parkas“ is famous for its professional unique sauna programs. They are held every hour and free of charge to all visitors of the Pools and saunas area.

Cocktail nights at „Parko virtuvele“

In the style of Provence „Parko virtuvele“ gourmet trips are held every evening. Try a special Prousian vine degustation.

Things to do nearby

Visit the famous districts of Palanga

Named the summer capital, Palanga is beautiful all year round. Wonderful beaches, exciting cultural life and an abundance of attractions will not let you get bored. You can find all the eye-catching objects and attractions here

Tiškevičių dvaras, Palanga


Located in the magnificent Radailai Park, Dinosaur Park is teeming with roaring dinosaurs and other attractions. (

Dinozaurų parkas, DINOPARK

Lithuanian Sea Museum and Dolphinarium

Lithuanian Sea Museum fascinates all – adults or children with the mysterious world of marine life. The day will pass unnoticed, exploring marine expositions and communicating with sea lions, penguins and other marine animals. For lovers of charming dolphins, visit the Dolphinarium, which is famous for its wonderful performances of dolphins. (

Delfinariumas, Klaipėda

5 monasteries in Kretinga

Kretinga is known for its 5 monasteries and oldest buildings in Samogitian region. Those wishing not only to take a look but also to learn more about these buildings, their history or walk through cellars of the monasteries, can book a guided tour in advance. (

Kretinga district — the land of Vikings and the Curonian Spit

Did you know that in this region centuries ago flourished land “Meguva” which remembers the Viking age? Kretinga and its surroundings are rich in beautiful nature and interesting historical sights worth visiting. The most interesting routes can be found here (

Kretingos Bernardinų vienuolynas

Lithuanian cuisine dishes „HBH“

Nearby situated entertainment and recreation complex “HBH” is famous for traditional Lithuanian cuisine and entertainment: HBH “Pelkiů takas”, mini zoo, and in the summer is worth to visit the entertainment park “Boom” or “Malunu kaimas“ (

HBH, entertainment and recreation complex