Medical procedures and medical care

We encourage you to effectively strengthen your body or regain lost health through a variety of treatment and health improvement programs and procedures. They use healing mineral geothermal water, healing mud sapropel, medical massages, vertical baths, pearl baths, halotherapy, and many more. These procedures are performed only by qualified professionals and doctors.

Mineralų Jūra, gydomoji procedūra

Procedure “Sea of Minerals“

Natura Termo SPA pride – mineral geothermal water procedure “Sea of Minerals“. This water is extracted from a depth of 2,154 m.

Scientists have found that mineral geothermal water is saturated with minerals: K, Mg, Ca, Cl, and therefore has a positive effect on the state of the cardiovascular, nervous, bone and muscular systems. When you sweep into this extraordinary water, it reduces muscle tone, dilates the blood vessels, improves kidney activity, activates the blood flow of deep muscle structures, releases more oxygen into the tissues.

Sapropelis, gydomasis purvas

Sapropel procedures

The medicinal-based sapropel is extracted from Lake “Riauška”, located in Šilalė district, Žemaitija. This sludge is rich in organic and mineral substances that are readily absorbed by the human body. The lipids contained in it have antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties, they stimulate skin cells.

In the Natura Termo SPA you can try unique procedures for which sapropel of 38–40 ºC temperature is used.

Consultations of Health Specialists

Doctors and health professionals from various fields consult at the medical center “Natura Termo SPA”.  You will get to these specialists without any long waiting in queues, and the consultation and treatment will take place in a cozy spa environment. During the consultation, doctors will kindly and discreetly answer all your questions about your health, prescribe the necessary examinations, procedures or evaluate the course of treatment.

Laser Procedures and Dermatology

Feel at ease choosing laser procedures performed by professional dermatologists or health professionals that are stunning but require specialized knowledge. Innovative methods are used to treat the skin, maintain the youth and beauty of the skin.  There is a wide range of procedures from long-term hair removal to safe capillary treatment, removal of moles or rejuvenation of facial skin.

Physical therapy and Ergotherapy

Physical therapy is one of the most important means of rehabilitation, because proper body movements help to renew, improve and maintain the functional condition of bones, muscles, cardiovascular and other systems. Physical therapy exercises help people who suffer from head, neck, back or postoperative pain to recover more quickly from illness or surgery. Practical exercises with a physical therapist for children help to recover faster from colds, correct posture and flat feet. An occupational therapist can help maintain or restore lost freedom of movement, learn to adapt better existing space to changing body needs, and help correct the physical development of children or infants.

Gydomosios terapijos ir mineralinės inhaliacijos

Therapy and mineral inhalations

The saline room (halotherapy) and mineral and bee pitch inhalations strengthen the immune system, relax the bronchi and have anti-inflammatory effects. This is a great remedy for upper respiratory tract diseases. Oxygen therapy promotes respiratory function, provides energy, ensures that the whole body and organs function better and perform their tasks. “BIOPTRON“ light therapy helps to improve microcirculation, collagen production and skin quality, and wound healing, to relieve pain.

Gydomosios parafino kaukės

Paraffin masks

Paraffin masks are recommended for back pain or joint pain, effectively relaxing the muscles, reducing their stiffness and stimulating blood flow. The paraffin bath relaxes tired hands and feet, nourishes, moisturises and improves blood circulation.

Therapeutic Massages

Touch therapy has been used since time immemorial, and modern science has already proven the health benefits of therapeutic massage. Professional massage improves blood circulation and metabolism, relieves the effects and pain of stress and helps the body recover more quickly from injuries or illnesses.

Gydomoji vonia, gydomoji procedūra

Healing baths

Healing bath procedures relax the muscles and nervous system of the body, activate the blood supply to the skin and promote skin regeneration.