Classical body procedure

During a classic body treatment,you will be introduced to the miracles of nature as well as the aroma, coming from the in-between of heaven and earth. “SALIN DE BIOSEL” cosmetics will be used along with the massage technique the French company founder Christian Colotte, a full body scrub, massage and wrapping will also be performed.


Plant(blossoms, leaves, cortex or roots) ritual can be chosen by you:

  • Blossom ritual.Refreshing components will awaken the feelings of body and soul. During the treatment tissues will be regenerated as they influence the slowing down the aging process, reduces stress. Enriches with polyphenols, gently cleanses the skin and gives it a sense of freshness, the floral aroma frees up the spirit and creativity.
  • Leaf ritual „A fresh green scent“.It is meant for a skin that tends to accumulate water and is irritated. During the treatment the skin is cleaned softly, the pH of the skin is balanced and it increases the Lymphatic drainage process and facilitates the circulation of energy.A sensation appears as if opening the door to the outside world
  • The cornice ritual „A soft hug“.Meant for the skin which constantly encounters a polluted environment and tends to be sensitive, thin and has a lack of immunity. Extracts extracted from the cortexworks as if applying a hedge to the skin, protecting it from harmful environmental effects.
  • Root ritual „Solid foundation “.Is meant for an irritated, sensitive skin. During the treatment impurities from the deeper layers of the skin are reduced, capillary expansion is inhibited and the skin is protected against allergens, its structure is strengthened.


Duration: 60 min.

Procedures require registration in advance. Phone: +370 607 85888 or email:


More information on the cosmetics:

„SALIN DE BIOSEL“ –the highest quality facial and body care products that are used by professionals in the cosmetology cabinets, SPA centres and plastic surgery clinics. Performed treatments and the technique of the massage was created by thefounder of the company – a Frenchman Christian Colotte.

All of the active ingredients used for the creation of “BIOSEL” products are ecologically clean, carefully selected and tested. They contain plant extracts derived from cereals, fruits and blossoms, vitamins, Dead Sea salts, oligo elements, seaweed and plant collagen. The company’s philosophy of production is not compatible with the use of artificial chemical elements in production, thus the facial care products are never made of syntheticcolouring material and etc.

„SALIN DE BIOSEL“cosmetic exclusivity:

  • a formula that conforms to a natural biological process;
  • usage of the energy code;
  • flawless composition of products;
  • individual skin care.