Consultation of a rehabilitation doctor

It is easier to rebuild your body after an illness, injury or surgery with the help of a rehabilitation doctor. After a health assessment, your rehabilitation doctor will create an individual rehabilitation program to help you get back to your normal life.


The consultation of the rehabilitation doctor includes a comprehensive survey of the nature, causes and course of the ailments, the possible health risk factors and the impact of the lifestyle on the underlying disorders. If necessary, additional tests are assigned and the results obtained are discussed in detail with the patient. Thereafter, an individual rehabilitation program is developed.

The individual rehabilitation program created during the consultation helps to improve the recovery of the health after traumas and surgeries, and speeds up the healing process of many diseases. It is useful to consult a rehabilitation physician for back pain, irregular posture and other movement disorders.

During the follow-up consultation, the rehabilitation doctor assesses how the body is changing and, if necessary, supplements or modifies the rehabilitation program.

Duration of initial consultation: 30 min.
Cost of initial consultation: 39 EUR

Duration of follow-up consultation: 15 min.
Cost of follow-up consultation: 20 EUR.

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