Health care day program “Glowing Skin”

We have developed a special program for people who are suffering from skin diseases that will allow your skin to relax from medication.

Skin psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, dryness and other skin diseases or illnesses often require special skincare and medication that can cause different side effects. Most of these skin problems might be relieved or eliminated by using natural treatments that do not cause skin dependence and do not have any negative side effect.


Healthy skin is the most beautiful jewellery that is hard to get if you suffer from different skin ailments. During the Day program “Glowing Skin” you will receive a professional dermatologist’s consultation and natural treatments that restore skin health and alleviate the symptoms of various skin disorders: the therapeutic bath “Youth”, full-body wrap with therapeutic mud sapropel, as well as the therapeutic Bioptron light therapy.

The bath “Youth” filled with therapeutic sapropel and certified highly mineralised geothermal water enriches the skin with the necessary minerals and vitamins. The skin is deeply moisturised, nourished, various skin diseases and their symptoms are eliminated, and natural regenerative processes are promoted. Research confirms the positive geothermal mineral water effect on the skin. Moreover, this treatment has a positive effect on the whole body: improves blood circulation, reduces fatigue, reduces muscle and joint pain, tension and improves sleep quality. The therapeutic effect is even stronger if the bath is supplemented with whole-body wrap with therapeutic sapropel mud. During the wrapping, the heat helps the skin to absorb all the minerals and organic substances, the skin becomes elastic, irritations and symptoms of different skin diseases are alleviated.

After the therapeutic bath, you will be invited to the therapeutic Bioptron light therapy session. During this treatment, a special optical device emits warm light that stimulates natural healing reactions. The treatment improves micro-circulation and natural regeneration processes in the skin, it starts producing more collagen, and wounds heal faster. This treatment has several positive effects: light treats the skin, strengthens the immune system and reduces pain.

At the end of the day, we will invite you to have a refreshing oxygen cocktail that strengthens your immune system and reduces fatigue. The effect is equal to several hours of walking in fresh air, filling your blood and body tissues with oxygen.

The program includes:

  • doctor’s consultation (consultation takes place live on weekdays, remotely on weekends);
  • therapeutic sapropel and mineral geothermal water bath – “Youth”;
  • whole body wrap;
  • Bioptron light therapy;
  • oxygen cocktail.


Duration of the programme: 115 minutes

Pre-registration before the treatment is necessary: +370 60785888 or [email protected]