Health care day program “Healthy Spine”

During the relaxing and back pain-relieving day program “Healthy Spine” you will receive professional physician’s consultation and treatments that will help to strengthen cervical vertebrae, lumbar spine or abdominal muscles, as well as adjust posture. This a great idea for a beneficial and healthy day.

from 86.00 per person

minimum stay 2 nights


During the consultation, you will find out what your body mass index is, and the physician will discuss your body’s condition, answer your questions about health and recommend appropriate treatments.

After the physician’s consultation, you will receive highly effective therapeutic acupuncture treatment that relieves spinal pain. During the treatment, thin needles stimulate the biologically active centers of the body. This treatment is painless. Only the most sensitive patients can feel a slight tingling on the skin.

After the treatment, we will invite you to an individual workout with a physiotherapist. Just a few minutes on the inversion table will allow you to immediately feel the relief in the back area: during the treatment, the spine is gently stretched, pressure on the vertebrae is reduced, supporting muscles and nerves are relaxed. After the treatment, you will be able to quickly and effectively strengthen abdominal muscles, adjust the posture and improve your body condition with the Wireless Professional device.

After the exercise, you will refresh your immune system with strengthening and fatigue-reducing oxygen cocktail that is equal to four hours of walking in fresh air. At the end of the day, we will invite you to relax and nourish your body with minerals in therapeutic procedure “Sea of Minerals”. This procedure takes place in the only highly mineralised (80 ml/l) therapeutic geothermal mineral water pool in Lithuania. Research has shown it’s positive effects on muscles, joints, nervous system and pain relief. This water is enriched with minerals and extracted from a 2154-meter-deep well.

The program includes:

  • physician’s consultation and a BMI test;
  • therapeutic acupuncture treatment;
  • individual workout with a physiotherapist;
  • oxygen cocktail;
  • therapeutic mineral geothermal water procedure – “Sea of Minerals”;
  • phytotherapy (herbal tea).

Duration of the program: 160 minutes

Pre-registration before the treatment is necessary: +370 60785888 or [email protected]