Dermatologist’s Consultation

Only healthy skin is smooth, glows naturally and looks youthful longer. To make skincare, cosmetic products and treatments more effective, it is necessary to combine them with specific medical knowledge. Only individually chosen skin care plan will be implemented easier and give you the desired results.


If you have skin problems or just want a piece of advice, during the consultation, the dermatologist will perform a thorough inspection of your skin, evaluate its condition and run necessary tests, prescribe appropriate treatment or recommend the most suitable skincare products. In case of any questions during the consultation, the physician will gladly answer them.

We recommend dermatologist’s consultation if:

  • You suffer from pimples, spots, scars or have other skin changes;
  • Rashes appear;
  • Skin becomes flaky;
  • The skin of the soles of the feet or between fingers stings and is becoming red, breaking or peeling off;
  • You noticed moles or changes in other skin structures;
  • Your hair starts falling out, gets thinner or breaks;
  • Your nails changed or started breaking.

Duration of the consultation: 30 minutes

Duration of the repeated consultation: 15 minutes

Pre-registration before the treatment is necessary: +370 60785888 or [email protected]