Health care day program “Strengthen Your Back”

Back pain is one of the most common complaints in adults. In just one day of this programme, you will receive professional medical advice and a series of effective treatments that will help to relieve or significantly reduce back pain.


If you suffer from back pain, most importantly, it is necessary to determine the reason for it, so this day programme will begin with a professional medical consultation. After the consultation, you will receive a comprehensive examination and hand treatment from osteopath-physiotherapist.

A large proportion of back pain is caused by structural body changes, so when they are detected and eliminated, the back pain goes away or is significantly reduced without medication. During osteopath-physiotherapist’s consultation, initial causes of pain / disease are detected, improving the condition of the spinal joints, muscles and their function.

Later, you will receive an extremely effective electrical stimulation treatment with the Wireless Professional device that relieves back pain and muscle tension. Medium frequency-modulated currents and heat simultaneously heal superficial and deep muscles of the back, relax and strengthen them as well as relieve pain.

After the treatment, you will receive a therapeutic vertical bath treatment. During this exercise in water, you will perform special exercises that strengthen and relax muscles, improve nutrition, release compressed spinal discs and functional blocks of spinal segments.

After these treatments, you are invited to relax and enrich your body with minerals in the only extremely highly mineralised (80 ml/l) therapeutic geothermal mineral water pool in Lithuania. Research has shown the positive effects of these treatments on muscle, joints, nervous system and pain relief.

At the end of the day, we will invite you to have an oxygen cocktail that strengthens your immune system and reduces fatigue. Its effect is equivalent to a few hours of walking in fresh air.


The program includes:

  • doctor’s consultation (consultation takes place live on weekdays, remotely on weekends);
  • body condition examination and treatment by osteopath-physiotherapist according to the pain relief program;
  • therapeutic electrical stimulation treatment with the Wireless Professional device;
  • therapeutic vertical bath treatment;
  • therapeutic mineral geothermal water treatment – “Sea of Minerals”;
  • oxygen cocktail.



Duration of the treatment: 180 minutes

Pre-registration before the treatment is necessary: +370 60785888 or [email protected]