Group Functional training

The training is designed for the development of strength and endurance. During this training, exercises with TRX straps and “Gymnic” balls, weights, elastic rubber are performed. The training strengthens the muscles, helps to develop respiratory, cardiovascular systems.


TRX workout is a functional training with suspender belts, during which various strength exercises are performed using only your own body weight. With TRX functional training straps, you can do all exercises just like with power exercises and weights. This next generation of functional training is suitable for people of all types of physical fitness, gender, age and weight.

“Gymnic“ balls

Workouts with “Gymnic” Ball are exercises involving ball exercises that increase deep muscle work. Exercise helps to develop coordination, improve posture. Especially, abdominal muscles are strengthened.

Duration: 45 min.

You can also complement your workout with a visit to the Water and Sauna Area. Duration: 45 min. + 60 min. visit the Water and Sauna Area.

Pre-registration is required: by phone +370 60785888 or e-mail

It is important to know the following:

  • Workout intended for adults only;
  • You must have sportswear and trainers.