Gel Nail Extensions

We suggest trying gel nail extensions for those who want to have long, beautiful nails and a flawless manicure. During this treatment, nails are extended with a gel that protects the surface of a natural nail. You can enjoy the flawless manicure for up to 4 weeks.


Before the treatment, nails are carefully evaluated, a thorough hygienic manicure is performed, and the surface of nails is prepared. The gel is applied on the surface of the natural nail by forming a desired shape and length and then dried under a special lamp. When the gel hardens, final shaping and corrections are made after which the nails are painted in the desired colour.

Gel nails are more resistant to environmental damage than natural nails, so the flawless manicure will last much longer.

As the nails grow, it is recommended to perform gel nail correction that is shorter and less expensive than the first treatment. The correction is performed according to the natural growing speed of your nails; usually, this treatment is performed after 2–4 weeks.



Gel extensions duration: 160 minutes

Gel nail correction duration: 120 minutes

Pre-registration before the treatment is necessary: +370 60785888 or  [email protected]

Reservations at Natura Termo SPA are only confirmed after prepayment for services. Procedures can be cancelled or rescheduled no later than 24 hours before the procedure. Less than 24 hours before the procedure, it cannot be cancelled or rescheduled. No refunds will be given for non-arrival.