Group Health promotion exercise

Physiotherapeutic workout for adults is a treatment through motion. During the session, the physiotherapist takes into account the individual needs of each person. The exercise is suitable for people of all ages, especially those having a seated job, suffering from pain in the lumbar spine area.


What is the benefit?

This is one of the main rehabilitation measures. This workout helps to improve and maintain the functional status of bones, muscles, cardiovascular and other systems. During exercise, safe and effective exercises help strengthen the muscle of the body, improve the mobility of joints, reduce pain and increase physical capacity. It is especially useful when suffering from back pain, orthopaedic diseases, respiratory, cardiovascular diseases, or after various injuries and surgeries.

This workout is a new model of back pain remedy based on spinal stabilization.

When purchasing this procedure, a consultation with a doctor/rehabilitology specialist is required, which is provided free of charge.


Duration: 45 min.
Price: 8 €

You can also complement your workout with a visit to the Water and Sauna area

Duration: 45 min. + 60 min. visit the Water and Sauna area


Important to know:

  • This workout is for adults only;
  • Have sportswear and trainers.


Procedures require registration in advance. Phone: +370 607 85888 or email: