Grožio procedūra kūnui „Raudonasis kambarys“

For a private, cosy relaxation or a short break, we invite you to try out a new space at our SPA Center with a large Jacuzzi and an infra-red sauna.

Private relaxation area can accommodate up to ten 10 persons at a time.

Duration: 2h (extra hours cost 30 Eur each)

Pre-registration is required by phone +370 607 85888 or


Infrared sauna is a pleasant body cleaning procedure. Bath temperature reaches 40-60°C. Sensory temperature is considerably lower than in the usual sauna, but swetting is 2-3 times bigger.

Regular visits to these saunas help to reduce blood cholesterol levels, improve blood flow, strengthen blood vessels’ walls, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also strengthens the immune system, increases the body’s resistance. Excessive sweating facilitates kidney function, normalizes blood pressure, reduces various cold symptoms, joint pain, especially in shoulders, neck and waist areas.

Heat opens up skin pores, cleans deeper skin layers, removes dirt, dead skin cells, improves and blood flow. Infrared rays penetrate deeply into the body, thus warming up the muscles, bones, joints and other tissues from the inside, lowering cholesterol in the blood, improving blood circulation, strengthening the vascular walls and immune system, increasing the body’s resistance. The pleasing heat also soothes the nervous system, improves sleep, reduces stress.

Jacuzzi: air bubbles spinning in water gently and effectively massage your body. After a busy day or intensive sports activities bathing in Jacuzzi is relaxing. Muscles starts to relax after 10-15 minutes, stimulating blood flow.

Private relaxation area can accommodate up to ten 10 persons at a time.

Duration: 2 h.                  Price: 80 Eur (extra hour 30 Eur)

Pre-registration is required by phone +370 60785888 or e-mail