“TENS” electrostimulation

“TENS” electrostimulation – a therapy that is suitable for the relief of back, neck, shoulder, leg, stomach and other pain without medication.

* When purchasing a treatment procedure, a doctor’s consultation is necessary, for which registration is done in advance. The price of a doctor’s consultation is 29 euros. (automatically added at checkout). The fee for a doctor’s consultation is a one-time fee.


Safe, reliable, effective. “TENS” (transcutaneous electrostimulation) – scientifically justified method of a pain relief therapy, is a pain relief measure that is acceptable to many physicians.

How does this procedure work?

Created stimulating impulses of the electricity are transferred from the electrodes to the neural fibers of the skin.

Pain reduction is felt straight from the beginning of the stimulation and usually lasts after the stimulation.

Electrostimulation reduces:

  • neck and back aches;
  • pain of the chest area;
  • pain of the waist area;
  • problems of metabolism;
  • muscle aches;
  • scar and phantom aches;
  • fracture aches;
  • pains from traumas that occurred during sport;


When purchasing this procedure, a consultation with a doctor / rehabilitology specialist is required, which is provided free of charge.

Duration of the procedure – recommended 30 min.

Procedures require registration in advance. Phone: +370 607 85888 or email: [email protected]

Reservations at Natura Termo SPA are only confirmed after prepayment for services. Procedures can be cancelled or rescheduled no later than 24 hours before the procedure. Less than 24 hours before the procedure, it cannot be cancelled or rescheduled. No refunds will be given for non-arrival.