Health care day program “Strengthen Your Immunity”

When the immune system is strong, colds are easier to resist. If you wish to strengthen your immune system or recover after recurrent respiratory disease, we suggest you try our special day programme “Strengthen Your immunity”.


During this day program, you will receive professional physician’s consultation and effective therapeutic treatments that would help you to strengthen your immune system: mineral water inhalation, therapeutic chest massage, salt chamber session (halotherapy) and the Bioptron light therapy session.

During therapeutic mineral water inhalation, mineral water in the device is turned into vapour that is pleasant and easy to breathe. During the treatment, the respiratory tract is disinfected softly and effectively providing additional protection from bacteria and viruses, the body recovers from respiratory diseases quicker and becomes more resistant.

Relaxing and therapeutic chest massage is perfect for the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases. This massage relaxes chest muscles: your body heals faster, breathing becomes easier, and resistance to respiratory diseases increases. To make this treatment even more effective, we additionally invite you to the therapeutic salt chamber (halotherapy) session.

Later we will invite you to a warm Bioptron light therapy session. This therapeutic treatment helps to improve micro-circulation, regeneration and healing of the whole body, reduces pain and strengthens the immune system.

At the end of the day, we will invite you to have a refreshing oxygen cocktail that strengthens your immune system and reduces fatigue. Its effect is equivalent to a few hours of walking in the fresh air.

The program includes:

  • doctor’s consultation (consultation takes place live on weekdays, remotely on weekends);
  • inhalation with mineral water;
  • therapeutic chest massage;
  • therapeutic salt chamber (halotherapy) session;
  • therapeutic Bioptron light therapy session;
  • oxygen cocktail.

Duration of the programme: 115 minutes

Pre-registration before the treatment is necessary: +370 60785888 or [email protected]